14 Ideas for Making New Years Unforgettable


What if you made this New Years special?

Something you’ve never experienced before?

Now’s your chance to enjoy a city’s worth of entertainment in the city’s best venue: Union Station.

Here’s 14 ideas for making New Years unforgettable at The Indy Masquerade:

  1. See the magician Penn Jillette called “so %*#ing good”.

  2. Watch a Pacers emcee count down to something remarkable at 10 PM.

  3. Experience an artistic performance unlike anything attempted before at Union Station.

  4. Learn dance steps to a live 5 piece jazz band in the gorgeous Grand Hall.

  5. Taste and enjoy 3 signature cocktails created for the Masquerade courtesy of Cardinal Spirits, and then vote on your favorite.

  6. Find yourself going from singing along to laughing out loud as comedians perform between Dueling Piano sets.

  7. Enjoy the rare opportunity for pictures 3 stories high, overlooking Union Station’s Grand Hall.

  8. Experience an 11 PM countdown surprise better than the midnight countdowns anywhere else in the city.

  9. Enjoy red roses, fresh pine, and eucalyptus (yes, in December!) beautifully accenting one of Indy’s most historic venues.

  10. Dance to 3 of Indy’s most innovative DJ’s all performing under one roof.

  11. Challenge friends to Texas Hold ‘Em until you beat them in the Casino Room.

  12. Experience the 10 year old DJ taking Indy by storm.

  13. Get your picture with the iconic Mask made with metal from historic buildings in Indianapolis.

  14. Escape into 2019 as you experience a midnight countdown you’ll be talking about for years to come.

This New Years Eve could be something special.

Get tickets while you still can.


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